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We Salute Our Donors!!!

Thank you very much for your contribution to our organization. It will benefit our mission to aid and assist those in need. We believe in giving back and helping others.  Your contribution is tax deductible. We would like to THANK THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS:

Back Pack Buddies

Donnie donated towards our 2018 "Back to School" drive to fill backpacks with supplies for Four Oaks Elementary and Benson Elementary School children. 

THANKS, Donnie Tim!

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Gift Bag Items

Veronica provided care bags items to fill bags for seniors citizens at local nursing homes scheduled in Nov/Dec 2018. Items included deodorant, soap, shampoo, shaving cream,  razors, toothpaste, and bath cloths.

THANK YOU, Veronica Snoddy.

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Community Support

- Ben‚Äčson, NC 

- Fayetteville, NC

- Goldsboro, NC


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Fundraiser 2019

Rosemary Surles

John Parrish**

David Brochu**

Mary Kelly

Robert Bowden

Mary Sinzdak

Nellie Kirkman

Blaire Narron

Alicia Richardson

Ann Scott

Lakaen Byrd

Pat Holiday**

Mae Hampton

Maria Gonzalez

Chuck Barnes**

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